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anita n jane

autotomy in beatlefiles

DJ Dangermouse - The Grey Album

This album has many of my favourite mash-ups. Who can go wrong with The White Album and Jay-Z's Black Album? Oh, and apologies but I don't have all the tracks.

1. Interlude
2. December 4th
3. What More Can I Say
4. Encore
5. Change Clothes
6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
7. Threat
8. Moment of Clarity
9. 99 Problems
10. Public Service Announcement (interlude)
11. Justify My Thug
12. Lucifer
13. Allure
14. My 1st Song


eeh thanks for posting this, definately downloading the ones i don't have :)

this is a disgrace to everything the beatles stood for.
if i could spit online, iwould.
...making music?
mixing it with gangsta rap.
I wasn't aware gangsta rap was around for them to be vehemently against.. though I suppose they were highly highly opposed to the soul and r&b of the time like uh Chuck Berry right?

no -the black album has gangsta rap on it.

no, they were soooo NOT opposed to chuck berry.

do you even know the beatles?

well, that was a pre loaded reaction from when i first heard this.

although john might be interested, the main point is that the album has a mix of their love and peace mixed in with "bitches and hoes" reference.
so hopefully you can see where im coming from.

but c'mon- how can you question chuck berry?

theres just so much excess in that genre.
pulls everything down in comparison.
do you even know sarcasm, you closed-mind foo?

do you even *know* gangsta rap?

Since when did Jay-Z qualify in the gangsta rap genre? Honestly, think before you much such erroneous statements. And why is the Gangsta rap genre against everything the Beatles stood for?

Gangsta followed the path of such African-American luminaries such as the Last Poets (pick up their self-titled release before you make another stab at Rap 101), offering a honest, warts-and-all view into the marginalization and violence of inner city black life. If there is something the Beatles always stood for in their music, it was an honesty about such life experiences as love, death, hate, etc. Gangsta (and the rap genre as a whole) deals in the same sort of honesty. Rap is confrontational (just like something like "Taxman", "Sexy Sadie", etc.), only addressing black stereotypes and communicating about important social issues to the community.

While yes, it's true that there is a certain 'bitches and ho' aspect to the music that can be considered misogynistic, that's only because that when it was legitimized and accepted in the mainstream, the music was co-opted - the political content was removed for mainstream audiences, and only the materialism, misogyny, etc. emerged. But that happens in all music, doesn't it?

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

uh, its jay-z.
he even said in a documentary about a day in the life touring that its hard to be soft.

wasn't public enemy a political group?

the thing i don't get about rap in general, is that they always say theyre "telling it like it is" but when someone doesnt say how hard life is,etc and just raps about positive, its called selling out or youre not being true to your hood.
and theres theres some rappers who don't want their community to improve so that they can make money off it.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

ok, so what does 'hard to be soft' have to do with gangsta? Please clarify that for me.

Yeah, Public Enemy was a 'political group'. Check them out.

Re: your 'selling out' observations - The world is run out of economics, not everyone is for community empowerment, so there are those artists who might talk candidly about their life and not improve on it just like there are politicans who talk about the economic underclass and then increases the taxes.

There are rap artists that touch on the positive - A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Queen Latifah, De La Soul, etc - they all have a positive message which have not deemed them as being sell-outs.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

no, all rappers do this.
and no one really cares about those rappers.
i refuse to call any musician "artists" unless they truly deserve it.
like the beatles or radiohead.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

No one really cares about those rappers - correction, you don't seem to care about them. stop trying to pass off your personal opinion as the opinion for the rest of us. i know it's really difficult to comprehend but there are ppl out there that GASP! like the Beatles and hip hop. I know, quite a scary thing, but there you go.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

no, i mean theyre not in the press a whole lot so the masses do not care about them as much as say 50 cent.

read before you jump

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

he felt that he could no do "happy rap" and had to portray the image of a hardened criminal.

everyone in the rap community is like that.
the minorities don't get alot of press so they really don't matter in the end.

alot of those rappers came into popularity with the african heritage movement and died soon afterwards.
i know latifah isn't rapping anymore and tribe i have not heard of in a while.
i know de la soul is doing mostly side projects and some records.
but not as much press b/c they do "happy rap" so not as much sold.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

You know, let's be honest here. Instead of being all politically correct and shit with saying 'minorities', just say 'coloured ppl' and get out with that racist-tinged opinion of yours.

I really can't continue a debate with somebody who calls de la soul, latifah, etc. 'happy rap'.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

i figured this would happen, but i thought i was just freaking out.

by minorities i meant lesser known rap groups.
sheesh and you guys complain about me.

im just going by the consesus from the rap community.

Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

I Don't mean to step into someone else's fight, and I'm not trying to exacerbate anything ....I'm sorry, but since when is it racist to put forth your views on a form of music?

Christ....every time anyone says anything against something that has to do with african american culture, it suddenly becomes an attack on black people and black culture in general. I highly doubt he is about to don a white hood and go burning crosses.

Is it a crime to not like Rap music based on the principles of it? Or must it simply be turned into some lame race-debate because people can't defend their opinions in a rational manner, so *obviously* the other party is just a Racist Pig.

And I think he does have a valid point.
Where are the non-violent rappers in today's culture? You don't see rappers being known for good lyrics about important things. It's about Bling and power and money.

I'm really sorry if I come off as abrasive, the last thing I'd want to do is exacerbate the problem...but you claimed he was a racist...and yet it was in fact you who brought up the issue of race to begin with.

~Peace and Love


Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

I’m not on live journal but I would like to respond to your comment. Are you under the assumption that the Press dictates what matters. The Press like all the other culture industries is fuled to sustain the dominant ideology and uphold the hierarchy. Gangster Hiphop like all other forms of music has misognistic features, but this is emblematic of misogyny as an element of our culture. Reason why the book of the minorities aren’t given prominence in the press isn’t attributed to their the but is perhaps due to the need to conventionalize fabrciated norms about black communities. Perhaps rather than critiquing the gangster rappers , question how the Press as an apparatus for the state does not as often focus on other forms of hip hop such as avante-garde, concious hip hop, hip-hop jazz, hip-hop metal to the extent that it covers gangster hip hop.This is about selling, it is about economics, the systematic need to not critique racist governance that sustains economic inequaityto the Regarding your statement that Queen Latifah, Tribe called Quest and De la Soul are part of a lineage that you have colloquially term is ‘’happy rap’’ perhaps you should take a closer listen to the dissonance in de la soul’s lyrics, the musical complexity of Tribe’s jazz rhythms and the confrontational nature of Queen Latifah’s messages . Their presence in the HipHop movement is as jarring and explosive as Gangster Hip Hop, Queen Latifah’s and De La Soul’s last rap albums do not generate as many sales due to the commodification of Gangster Hip Hop . This commodification has an ideological incentive, it is profitable to present the most marketable aspect of Hip Hop culture than all aspects of it. Hip hop like all music has it’s different styles so I urge not to make trigger happy generalizations such as ‘’all rappers do this’’. The perspective that you have for gangster hip hop is so backwards, it is sad. It is ironic how on one hand you embrace Chuck Berry as a pivotal influence for the Beatles because the same rhetoric that you use to dismiss gangster rappers replicates the same pattern of narrow minded discourse that was used by the mainstream press in the 50’s and 60’s to discredit Chuck Berry’s music, like gangster rappers he also had misogynistic lyrics, he was also expected to be a role model for his community just because he came from it and occasionally ‘’told it like it was ‘’ Should we expect that all artists who recount harsh living conditions in their societies be indebted to their communities , was this asked of the Sex Pistols or The Clash. Recognize that although Gangster HipHop does have it’s faults, it also has generated great musical masters such as the d symphonic beats of Dr Dre and the lyrical dexterity and passion of N.WA/ /Wu Tang Clan/Ice T .These artists along with the Beatles and Radiohead can not be put in such arbitrary categories such as ‘’real music’’ and ‘’non real music’’, whether they get covered by the press or not does not matter as much as the potency of their music to progressively provoke our culture and shape our value systems. So take a minute to the reexamine your beliefs because unlike your display picture you don’t want to get ‘’clowned’’ into such limited assumptions.


Re: do you even *know* gangsta rap?

Sorry, typo there in the beginning of the third line line ignore where it says ''the book of'' it's supposed to say the reason why minorities aren't given promience in the press isn't attributed to their importance but..... and ignore the typo ''to the'' after economic inequality.
ever heard of postmodernism?
haha, this album is interesting, thanks!
I love this. My favorite would have to be "What More Can I Say". THANKS!
Did you watch the video for "Encore" yet?
hhmmmm..... I don't want to sound stupid or uncool or any of those such things...but there is definently no love lost between rap music and myself. I like having this so I can say I've heard it, but my heart hurts when I hear my favorite songs being mixed with stuff I can barely call music.

But thats just my opinion, and I'm not trying to start any fights at all, period. That would be entirely against my hippie-disposition :)
I agree with you completely. I have always been interested in hearing this, but after doing so it's just not something I would listen to again. It's not my cup of tea, but it doesn't bother me that other people like it. :]
Did you here Paul and Lulu remix called "Inside out", it's Let Em In and she raps over it and sings and then paul sings a sassier version of "let em in" like in the video in wingspan. It's kinda horrible. I thought it was a song he was doing with Lulu from the 60s so I was suprised by it when I heard rapping.
No, I haven't heard that. That definitely sounds interesting though haha.

Not meaning to be argumentative here...

It's a shame though for you to pretty much write off an entire genre of music. I use to be really against country, but once I made an effort to really understand where the music came from (plus listening to awesome peeps like Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons) I was able to appreciate it. I don't know how old are you, or where you come from, or what other bands you listen to (besides the Beatles), but I hope that one day you'll take the time to understand rap (or perhaps, some aspects of it) and discover some really great MC's.

Re: Not meaning to be argumentative here...

I'm sorry, but hearing stuff by "Fiddy Cent" and Ludacris and the like, as it was practically crammed down my throat everyday in public high school (I'm now homeschooled) has ruined it for me. I couldn't find anything worthwhile in songs with titles like "Drop it like it's hot"- so I have to fully accept being "uncool" because I don't listen to this stuff, and have no desire to because I can barely understand the words, let alone find meaning in them.

I'm 17, and I listen to Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tom Petty, The Doors, James Taylor, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, India Arie, Arlo Guthrie- stuff like that, and I find that I really enjoy the depth and beauty (both musically and lyrically) I find in it. I can't say the same for music containing the lyrics "F&*% you you Bitch, I don't want you back"

But to each his own. I don't mind other people listening to it, it's just a matter of what you dig, and I like my music to be a real trip. Thought provoking and powerful.

I understand that Rap music is born as a result of a rough life on the streets, but tough gang kids who grow into Rappers will only influence kids in similar begingings to become tough Gangstas, so they can write more rap music to influence more people to....well, you get the idea. It's counter- productive and I honestly can't see a point to it.

But this is just my opinion, not meant to offend or provoke anyone.

Re: Not meaning to be argumentative here...

Okay. I'm definitely not trying to get in an argument. However, I read in a previous comment you said stop trying to pass off your personal opinion as the opinion for the rest of us

I think you should take your own advice. I have listened to a lot of rap music in my life everything from Run DMC to M.I.A. and The Roots. I just don't really care for that genre of music. I understand it's origins and why MC's felt and still feel the need to represent it. However, I just don't personally care for it and I think that should be fine and not have to be open for debate.

Also, It's really irrelevant how old she is, where she lives or what else she listens to besides The Beatles. It doesn't even matter if The Beatles is all she listens to (which I doubt). Everyone is entitled to their opinions on music. She didn't say it was a shame you like the Grey album so you shouldn't say its a shame because she doesn't identify with rap/hip-hop music. Agree to disagree and leave it alone.
i really hate to get in the middle of this, but what is all the fighting for? we are in a BEATLES community. do you really think that the beatles would want us to be fighting like this?

everyone likes different types of music. i get crap everyday because i listen to the beatles, the who, the rolling stones, ect. we've all been through a time when people told us how stupid the music we listened to is, so do we really want to accuse other people of listening to "stupid music". Music is music. it doesn't matter who sings it or how its sung. so can't we all just "give peace a chance" over this?

i myself even gave this album a try. and im not going to lie. it kinda hurt to hear the music i cherish and love made in to that. i'm not saying it's bad, but its just not something that i would listen too. but i'm glad i can say i have now.

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