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George Harrison Rockline Interview

Ok, I got this from a Lovely Lass at Beatlelinks...
but I have to explain it a tad. See it was given as one huge audio file, and so I could burn it on to cd and navigate the interview better, I put it onto my media editor, and split the audio into clips.
I gave the clips names pertaining to what I remembered best about the segment. That's why there are strange names like "He Has Sex With Me Every 30 Minutes" But just listen to the clip, and it'll make sense.

(On a side note, Ringo Friday Morning on Good Morning America- don't Miss it!)



I'm d/l it just to hear the "He Has Sex With Me Every 30 Minutes" clip ;)
I laughed so hard I literaly fell over, it's that funny.
awesome! i love george stuff right now, i'll get you art of dying 4 today.

also, i watched ringo and why was he doing double peace signs like nixon? I love ringo but he has to be careful on that :) I kind of like his new album there's some catchy tunes.
I am so addicted to that Art of Dying set! Thank you.
As for Ringo....I think He just really likes peace? Like, extra peace or something? He used to do a 3 fingered peace sign for somen I haven't quite figured out yet. I think the album is quite good, too. Very Beatle-y.
haha, he sure does. My friend and I call it the "billy shears" sign, b/c in anthology when he says he's billy shears he does a peace sign at the same time.. . it totally wore off on Linda McCartney too because she constantly did it at concerts, must have been a ringo fan.

i posted 4 & 5 so the set is complete :)
Weeeeee I'm on a downloading spree! My computer is about to kick my butt for it too!!! But thank you anyways!! :D

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