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Jun. 15th, 2005

searching for the answers


(no subject)

IF ANY of you have the SOUNDTRACKS to the following movies;
+A Hard Day's Night
+Magical Mystery Tour

PLEASE help me out and upload them. They're some of the few albums I do not have on my computer, and if I had money I'd go out and buy them but I don't so please please me.

Shameless album plug there, but whatever. I'm lame.

I have some of the following thingies I've collected over the many months. They've mostly all been posted before, but this might be a nice chance for you newcomers to grab them again.

Here we goooCollapse )

My computers being really slow lately, and I've got summer school in the morning, so I might not get the uploads done until tomorrow, but I can try my best.

Thanks again for your time!


albums and bootlegs

Here's a bunch of Macca stuff and the Third Disc of The Art Of Dying bootleg. There's 2 albums (Flowers in the Dirt, Driving Rain), a 2 disc set of Red Rose Speedway (since it was suppose to be a double album at first), and the first Cd of a bootleg series called "Mo Mac's Hidden Tracks". The first mo mac's CD includes the McCartney get back sessions that would appear on his solo albums and the entire Family Way SDTK he composed with George Martin in 1966. The beatles are also on that bootleg at points.

Paul McCartney: Flowers In the DirtCollapse )

Paul McCartney: Driving RainCollapse )

Mo Mac's Hidden Tracks:
CD 01 -- Info

Paul McCartney & WIngs: Red Rose Speedway Collector's Edition (2 CDS)

Disc 1 -- info

Disc 2 -- Info

George Harrison:
The Art of Dying Disc 3 -- Info

Jun. 14th, 2005


alternate revolver

Alternate revolver : http://s45.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1KUAGSGOA5ZR90MHQ1TMHC3MSS

info: http://www.bootlegzone.com/album.php?name=walrus21§ion=1

This is a .rar file so to unzip you have to get win rar. The download for it's fast and it doesn't cost anything. The compression is a lot better. That's the only thing I could use to compress the files, sorry!


(no subject)

anyone have the Hollywood Bowl performance handy? i'd be eternally grateful!
Liam Long Hair


(no subject)

Does anybody have the CHOBA B CCCP album? Thanks in advance:)

Jun. 13th, 2005

biz markie mashed with basquiat


Bloody 'ell... more beatle beats y'all!

Man. I really dug this community, but I still dunno if I can "agree to disagree" over some opinions. But I digress. If you look closely, my Biz Markie icon sheds one tear.

Of course, I would never make a post like this without bearing gifts. I feel sortav indebted to all those that have offered up files, so I plan to give thanks and then literally leave it at that.

- The Grey Video
Ringo scratches! John breaks! Oh, and bitches make an appearance! True evidence that the Beatles themselves dug hip hop.

- The Beastles
prechorus sent me the link, and I had to share. Beastie Boys + Beatles = Peace and Love.

- Cher and Tina Turner Tribute to The Beatles. Oh, yeah, and some old lady who use to go around and sing anthems at ball games. This was from some 70s TV special, so beware of the Bob Mackie outfits and this one dude's horrid attempts at humour.


An odd-ish request. :D

In one of my friend's LJ entries, she was talking about The Rolling Stones' Rock 'n' Roll Circus and then: "John Lennon's funky lil' sign language thing."

^^;;;;; Does anyone know what she's referring to, and if so... could you upload that bit? I'd like to see it. o_o It sounds spiffy. XD;


(no subject)

Ok, since I'm in such a good mood due to the recent news that all four member of Pink Floyd will be performing together at Live8, I decided to post something.

Revolution (video file)

And for Floyd Fans....*hope I don't get in trouble :)*
Read more...Collapse )



Does anyone happen to have the following songs from Return to Pepperland (1987 Unreleased Album) by Paul McCartney? I lost my copy of it and have all the tracks but the following, I'd be really greatful if anyone could post these:

14. P.S. Love Me Do (3:41) (Also released on double japanese CD "Flowers in the dirt")

15. Same Love (3:54) (recorded on june 1, 1988, Sussex, Inglaterra, released on CD single "Beautiful night-Oobu Joobu. part 6)

16. Don't Break the Promises (3:42) (released on CD single "The world tonight-OObu Joobu, part 4", recorded on 1985)

Jun. 12th, 2005



(no subject)

Can someone, please, download some clips from the Beatles' Christmas pantomime or the Shakespeare sketch??? If it's possible... I would love you forever!
Especially if you'd have some Dhani Harrison sound (him talking) or video files as well... ^^

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