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the_scouser in beatlefiles

Ok, since I'm in such a good mood due to the recent news that all four member of Pink Floyd will be performing together at Live8, I decided to post something.

Revolution (video file)

And for Floyd Fans....*hope I don't get in trouble :)*

One of These Days (video), from Live At Pompeii

And Live at Kralingen:


oh pink floyd.. <3

you cannot begin to understand how utterly jealous and sad i feel they are performing at Live 8 with me here in toronto... good ol' toronto :)

those were awesome though!
oh it says there is an error for the Revolution file.
okay never mind. it works.
it's lovely!

i want this as an audio, it needs to be on my ipod :)
Icon love, BTW^
isn't he just lovely? :)
I'd have his babies...lol
I'm so terribly sad that I won't get to see them live, but as long as I know they are actually all going to be on stage together, performing Floyd classics...that'll be enough for me.

Who knows...if they like performing....maybe...just maybe...they'll...Do another studio album? Or a tour?? (I would die...or sell one of my kidneys to go see that)
another album... tour... that's too much for me to handle!
Oh god. I would have a complete Pink Floyd Nerdgasm. My love for The Beatles is only matched by one thing- my love for Floyd.
sounds like me and my led zeppelin, they are my true loves :)
but pink floyd.. oh... <3

i just watched the beatles video... paul is such a whore! i'm a ringo girl, but watching paul... and that little hip thing.. well... :p

do you have any more? or even of floyd!
(sorry i'm completely raiding your thread!)
I just put up the Pink Floyd Live at Kralingen in the main thread... I'm uploading Echoes from Live At Pompeii. and no problem with the thread raiding...I'm a complete music whore, so I give away all I can to as many people as I can.

I have this wierd (and yet somehow awesome) Zeppelin clip (with people talking in Swedish!) I'll upload it, if you so wish. And I think I have them doing What Is and What Should Never Be too...I'll have to check :)
Do you just have the audio file of Revolution?

The video rocks, I just want it on my iPod!
Nope. Well not the live version. I have the Single version and the original (white album) version though, if you don't have either one of those just let me know and I'll upload :)
Oh oh, yes please! The version from the White Album! :)
I know. Oh, how I wish I lived in London. The line up for Live 8 is AMAZING. Paul, Pink Floyd (with Waters!), MUUUUSE... oh god. *dies of jealousy*

Haha. Live at Pompeii is awesome.
I also have the first half of Echoes, Live at Pompeii.....if you want it I'll gladly post it.
Oh no, no. It's good. I have the whole thing on DVD, hehe.
Is that the music video for revolution or just a performance?

December 2007

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