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biz markie mashed with basquiat

autotomy in beatlefiles

Bloody 'ell... more beatle beats y'all!

Man. I really dug this community, but I still dunno if I can "agree to disagree" over some opinions. But I digress. If you look closely, my Biz Markie icon sheds one tear.

Of course, I would never make a post like this without bearing gifts. I feel sortav indebted to all those that have offered up files, so I plan to give thanks and then literally leave it at that.

- The Grey Video
Ringo scratches! John breaks! Oh, and bitches make an appearance! True evidence that the Beatles themselves dug hip hop.

- The Beastles
prechorus sent me the link, and I had to share. Beastie Boys + Beatles = Peace and Love.

- Cher and Tina Turner Tribute to The Beatles. Oh, yeah, and some old lady who use to go around and sing anthems at ball games. This was from some 70s TV special, so beware of the Bob Mackie outfits and this one dude's horrid attempts at humour.


This is a totally unbiased comment here, but that argument was silly and the person you're upset with is a seemingly good person. I'm not saying you aren't either, you probably are too. It's a really sily thing for everyone t obe fighting over since first of all Macca's best friend did a TERRIBLE rap song in the 80s - "Smart Girls" where Brian wilson himself took beach boys songs and turned them into BAD rap music.

Also though, I mean paul was kind of a pioneer with sounds that go into rap now (eg - he did Beat box on "That would be something" from the McCartney album). Also, Check My Machine from McCartney II had a rap edge to it and besides this, he did Temporary Secretary which he let Radioslave edit for a compilation in UnCut Magazine. And furthermore, in the Liverpool Sound Collage paul takes all the beatles voices and turns them into crazy sounds (Eg - George's voice on free now). So if anything he might get a kick out of this. As fans though, it's hard to listen to this stuff and not be a little upset to hear something you hold sacred tampered with at any rate. I don't think it was an issue with rap, if they turned the music into techno i'd have the same feeling of "What do those people think they're doing!?" On the other hand, the people that actually made the music can be amused and perhaps they (well the two of them that are still around), might even like it or take it as some kind of compliment from the youth.

But the thing that gets me is why do people in beatles communities hammer on eachother for having opinions after seeing the way the public went after John for his comment on jesus? Free speech! The beatles were totally in favor of that.

- Courtney
Oh I forgot, the "No More Lonely Nights" playout version/ dance remix is another thing paul allowed and it totally trashed the song. And then he did do a rap song with "PS Love me Do", mixing the two songs together to form something AWFUL. Even Brian Wilson ruined "Be My Baby" w/ synths , he should have known better than to mess with a spector song. These people in the music business just don't think sometimes!

Also, Thanks for the tina turner link, that seems interesting.
Ah, yes, I actually like the DJ Dangermouse album, it's brilliant.

That guy in the Tina Turner & Cher video.... WHY?! Is there anybody out there who thought he was funny?

Thanks for the links, I had never heard of the Beastie Boys thing :D
OOooooohhhh. Thank you! Cant wait to watch these!! ;D
Ha, I got a kick out of the Grey video and love the DJ DangerMouse album.

I can't wait to watch the Tina Turner and Cher thing (even though I'm not too fond of Cher).

Thanks for posting!

December 2007

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