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oh_wanderlust in beatlefiles


Could someone possibly post Ringo's Rotogravure, McCartney - Tripping Live at the Fantastik, or George Harrison - 33 1/3. I'd really appreciate any of those.. they're pretty much all I'm missing from my collection.

For your troubles ..

Art of dying 4 and 5

D/L: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18RFGR62
Info: CD 4, CD 5



Oh thank you so much! I love, Love, LOVE this set. You rock. You're officially my hero of the day.

I wish I could upload those for you, but I don't have them meself *Sad face*
But there are a lot of groovy people here, so I hope someone can for you.
I'm snagging this, and I'm afraid I don't have those either, but I'll try to upload some other cool stuff :)
I really wish I could help you out there, but alas, I dont have any of them. XP Sorry! But I guess it goes without saying, I'm snagging those 2 disks....:D
oh hey...I think there may be a problem with disc five, because none of the tracks are matching up with the Bootleg Zone information page. Like for instance, the Acoustic Demo of "Tell Me What Has Happened to You" is really the version of "I Dig Love" from Disc 3. It's got me all confuddled.
oh, weird. you know disc five has some digital noise on it so i'm suppose to get a new copy but i had no idea that it was that screwed up! i've only gotten through the first 4 and didn't listen to five because it's suppose to be replaced, haha. i won't have another copy until july 2, but when i get it i'll upload it. monday or tuesday i'm getting a harrison bootleg from toronto 74 (live) and the cloud 9 rough mixes, those seem interesting, i'll check them out and see if they're worth uploading..

December 2007

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